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IOMEDIA is a full-service marketing agency that combines strategy, design, content, and technology to deliver brand-centric, multichannel experiences. We harness the power of visual storytelling to reach, educate, and evolve the customer relationship across a number of business verticals.

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Appreciating the process of achievement

  • Research & Analytics

    Research & Analytics

    For us, history, patterns, and data are critical – they tell a story that gets us to the right answer and reveals the map that leads us through the next challenge.
    Research & Analytics
  • Digital Strategy & Planning

    Digital Strategy & Planning

    Insight is the engine that drives what we do. Our digital strategists dig relentlessly to find that one true insight that others overlooked.
    Digital Strategy & Planning
  • Integrated Marketing

    Integrated Marketing

    Communication is impossibly fragmented, so we’re dedicated to developing unified messages that speak with a single voice always and everywhere.
    Integrated Marketing
  • Brand & User Experience

    Brand & User Experience

    There is absolutely no consumer contact point that we ever take for granted. Whether online,
    in-store, or in between, we get it right every time.
    Brand & User Experience
  • Content Strategy & Development

    Content Strategy & Development

    We enthusiastically embrace all channels to fill the consumer’s need for timely and relevant content that informs and builds fandom.
    Content Strategy & Development
  • Creative & Design

    Creative & Design

    Creative is all that a consumer sees. So to us, the creative product we put out had better be memorable and motivating, or we’ve wasted a lot of time.
    Creative & Design
  • Data & Information Visualization

    Data & Information Visualization

    We learned long ago that pictures communicate best, and delivering information this way makes people want to learn. You have to get someone’s attention before they become a customer.
    Data & Information Visualization
  • Mobile & e-Transaction

    Mobile & e-Transaction

    Consumers are spending more time on their smart phones performing a wide array of activities. We invent exciting new brand experiences to engage consumers in a way that is relevant to them, wherever and whenever they’re online.
    Mobile & e-Transaction
  • Technology & Engineering

    Technology & Engineering

    We have the talent and capabilities that other agencies claim to have. With dozens of programmers across virtually every digital discipline, we can make even the impossible possible.
    Technology & Engineering
  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    We respect the fact that customers have choices. Once we’ve acquired them, we intend to keep them. We utilize technology to develop immersive ways for customers to connect with brands, ways that mirror how people live today.
    Customer Engagement



When it comes to digital, ideas are everywhere. What matters is bringing ideas to life in a way that has the potential to change everything.



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Fans have strong beliefs that are not easily swayed or defeated. And fans have the power to influence non-believers. We strive to create fans for our clients and to convert our clients into our fans.

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Individual Pride in Team Success

We believe that anything I can do, WE can do better, faster, and smarter. We maintain a relentless, sustained focus on constant improvement that leads to expansive self-awareness, unwavering professional integrity, and pervasive organizational excellence.

  1. Peter Korian


    Peter Korian President / FounderIOMEDIA linkedin

    • One thing that drives me crazy is when someone says, if we just give them what they want we can do it faster. I can never let that statement sit. What joy is there in doing the minimum? We have to go beyond just meeting the metric, beyond the expected.

      Innovation drives my desire to do things differently. I don’t want to do what everyone else does. That’s not enough. The smashing of creative and technology creates incredible energy. The energy it takes to produce great things.

      Other people have to look at your work and say, that’s made a difference for me. And then, we’re making a contribution. Because if we’re not getting the results we want, why keep doing it the same way?

      That's insane. I have to do something to fix it.

    • While studying architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, Peter first explored how supercomputers and the visual arts can together yield ground-breaking results. He later used that knowledge to pioneer integrated 3D visualization for the design, marketing, and construction of Disney's Time Square Studios, the current floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and News Corporation's World Headquarters in Los Angeles.

      In 1997, Peter founded IOMEDIA on the principle that evolving technology could be used to dramatically enhance the capacity to create stunning spatial and scientific visualizations. That led to the development of an ethos for marketers who wanted sophisticated visual communications that go beyond the usual, expected solutions.

      At IOMEDIA, Peter has assembled a diverse, talented leadership team who share his passion for creating innovative solutions by combining design and technology to educate consumers, as well as to promote and market brands. The dedication to immersive media experiences through strategic partnerships are what help IOMEDIA see past conventional boundaries.

      As a result, some of the world's most admired companies have collaborated with IOMEDIA, including Walt Disney Imagineering, Genentech, Bristol Myers Squibb, GE, the Rockwell Group, Coca-Cola, the New York Yankees, Turner Construction, and Ticketmaster.

  2. Steven Korian


    Steven Korian EVPIOMEDIA linkedin

    • I don’t look at anything I’ve done as an accomplishment. I look at it as overcoming a hurdle. Now I have a hundred more.

      I went to film school and became an editor to tell stories about the human experience. Life is full of ups and downs and emotions on all levels. I enjoy the human emotional roller coaster. When I started working at IOMEDIA, I’d push the team. Let’s not just give a client the 3D image, let’s tell a story around the image. For me, the best stories are in sports – real people trying to be the hero, or the villain stopping another team’s hero story, only to create their own. Sports are essential to my life. The impossible always happens in sports because they are humans trying to be the very best, but something always has to give – somebody will have to lose.

      There’s nothing better than drama like that.

    • Steven’s early love of film led him to study filmmaking at Emerson College, and for many years he was a television and film producer and editor. Steven joined IOMEDIA shortly after it was founded, bringing with him his knowledge and passion for storytelling and connecting the human experience to digital work.

      The combination of IOMEDIA’s technological prowess and Steven’s storytelling and relationship-building proved to be a powerful mix. The result was an extraordinarily unique sales, marketing, and communication experience - the Virtual Venue™. Under Steven's watchful eye, the Virtual Venue has been attracting interest from some of the world’s premier sports brands. Today, over 70 professional and NCAA sports teams use the Virtual Venue platform developed by IOMEDIA.

      Steven leveraged the success of the Virtual Venue into a groundbreaking partnership with Ticketmaster, the 3rd largest e-commerce site, forever changing how fans purchase tickets online. Now that IOMEDIA is firmly entrenched in sports, Steven is looking to expand the Virtual Venue to other unique markets such as entertainment, travel, and hospitality.

  3. Eugene Carroll


    Eugene Carroll VP, Infrastructure & IT ServicesIOMEDIA linkedin

    • I have a little bit of an explorer bent to me. Uncovering new technology and new ways to do things, being able to learn through those experiences and building on them, that’s a huge motivator for me. I’ve been at IOMEDIA for 12 years and I’ve done a little bit of everything. I come from an architecture background and started out doing 3D animation. Now I focus on all things office infrastructure and just getting work done.

      The people here also really motivate me. That’s what I love about IOMEDIA, people are passionate—almost to a fault. But that’s cool because at the end of the day we all recognize we’re a team. We all roll up our sleeves and everyone does what is needed to get to the end goal, even if it’s not in their box.

      It’s always a wild ride.

    • From the very beginning, Eugene’s parents indulged his love of drawing and building things, making messes, and taking things apart to see how they worked. Those experiences served him well at Carnegie Mellon, where he earned his BFA in Product Design. After designing medical promotional products, can art for Pepsi, and a host of other devices, Eugene arrived at IOMEDIA as a 3D animator.

      Fortunately for IOMEDIA, Eugene never lost his love of taking things apart and putting them back together better than ever. It’s led him to be involved in just about every aspect of IOMEDIA at one time or another. He developed a logistics tool to tie construction schedules to a virtual structure in order to view a project’s development. He oversaw the studio as VP of Production, he was instrumental in opening the studio in India, and today, he’s VP of Infrastructure and IT Services.

      When he’s not making sure everything at IOMEDIA is running smoothly, he’s helping his wife chase down their identical twin boys, the one thing in his life he’s more proud of than the India studio.

  4. Ashwan Wadhwa


    Ashwan Wadhwa MD, IOMEDIA IndiaIOMEDIA linkedin

    • There’s new stuff happening every day, and you always want to be one step ahead. So we say how do we use these new solution sets? What do we put on these new platforms to help our clients be successful? If we don’t see anything useful, we may not use it.

      We started the Delhi office in 2007 because the timelines we had didn’t support a regular 9 to 5 delivery model. We spent a while looking for the right talent, and now have about 70 plus people offering services from programming to strategy. So we’ll hand off at 6pm from New York to Delhi, and there’s no lag when we get stuff to our clients. The pace used to be slower, but now there’s something new month to month. I’m not scared of that. The faster it comes, the more responsive you get.

      It’s making it more interesting as well.

    • Ashwan got his start by following his love of design and technology to the Sushant School of Art and Architecture in New Delhi, India. He built on that auspicious start by earning an M.S. in Informatics and Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. While researching the application of technology to architecture, Ashwan concentrated on Computation Intelligence and Simulation in Urban Design, publishing "Self Organizing Neural Maps in Urban Design" as his thesis.

      With his unwavering focus on new technology and a desire to overcome complex situations, Ashwan consistently offers innovative custom solutions to a wide range of users and clients at IOMEDIA. In fact, leading both the R&D and the Interactive studios allows Ashwan the freedom to guide his teams to conceive, implement, and launch some of the most technically and artistically imaginative interactive and web projects in the industry. His passion and intimate knowledge of the many ways technology can enhance every experience has led to eye-opening, breakthrough solutions that have dramatically expanded the limit of what many IOMEDIA clients believe is possible.

  5. Brady Walcott


    Brady Walcott SVP, Marketing & DevelopmentIOMEDIA linkedin

    • I believe we are here for a reason and we have a limited amount of time to truly make a difference. That’s what drives me. My goal in my professional and personal life is to align with others that have this same compass.

      Given my passion for both healthcare and sports, it makes perfect sense that I’m charged with engaging partners for whom we can make an impact on their business and who in turn will help us to continue to evolve as a company. Competition motivates me. In any competition, you build on what you’re good at. You play to your strengths, find gaps that aren’t being serviced, and identify innovative ways to do things better.

      It’s about delivering innovative solutions to solve the complex challenges our clients are facing.

    • Few people can claim the kind of intimate, hands-on medical career experience as Brady. Early on, while working in cardiovascular biology with a focus on thrombosis research, Brady moonlighted as an EMT at a Level 1 trauma center. Later, he gained client-side experience, spending a number of years in various roles at AstraZeneca executing sales, contracts, and marketing initiatives within the therapeutic areas of CNS, critical care, infection, pain, and pulmonary.

      Now on the agency side as a trusted advisor and solutions-oriented marketer, Brady fosters strategic partnerships with an array of companies across the U.S. and abroad. His experience as both agency leader and client gives Brady a unique perspective into his clients’ complex business challenges, and a deep understanding of what clients need from their agency.

      While Brady has spent the better part of his professional life on a plane, he still loves to travel to new and interesting places. When he’s not traveling, he’s either spending time with his family, working on a project around the house, or out on the pitch playing soccer.



We know if we can imagine something, we can build it. So let’s push the status quo together until it becomes what we need it to be.

Openings in New Delhi


  • Drupal Technical Lead
  • Senior Javascript Developer
  • Senior Cloud Network & Systems Engineer

Drupal Technical Lead
/ Architect

New Delhi



IOMEDIA, located in Gurgaon, India is looking for a Drupal Technical Lead / Architect to be a part of the Core Technology team.  The Drupal Technical Lead / Architect will be responsible for ensuring the successful execution of our highly engaging web and mobile Drupal powered (CMS) projects.  


  • Programming and professional development experience in PHP 5 / HTML / HTML5 / CSS / CSS3 / JavaScript (jQuery in particular)
  • Strong understanding of Drupal architecture, concepts & core modules
  • Ability to manage content and theme development in Drupal 7.X and create HTML design from PSD
  • Strong understanding of Drupal theme layer and PHP template engine:
    • Context / Views / Ctools / Panels / OM Maximenu / Nice Menus / Menu Block / Backbone / Flowplayer / Video JS etc.
    • Custom / Sub / Customize Theme
    • Omega / Zen / Best Responsive Theme
    • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme
    • Simple, Minimal and Clean Design
    • Create / Use Ctools plugins
  • In-depth experience with design tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop
  • Understanding of browser limitations and cross browser compatibility rendering techniques
  • Knowledge of AJAX protocols and data services to drive engaging front end experiences


  • 7+ years' experience in the IT / Software Industry designing, developing and building Drupal based projects
  • Graduate or Post Graduate degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • High level facility in various other programming languages, web server management & infrastructure
  • Excellent communication skills verbal & written
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding of Drupal architecture: Nodes / Views / Context / Modules etc.
  • Understanding of Drupal infrastructure: Apache / PHP / MySQL / Varnish / Memcached / Clustering & Multisite deployments
  • Ability to write W3C HTML / CSS / JavaScript compliant code

Javascript Developer

New Delhi



IOMEDIA India Private Limited, an award winning New York City based digital marketing agency is looking for an enthusiastic Senior Javascript Developer for their studio in Gurgaon, Haryana.


  • 5+ years of Experience developing web apps using Object Oriented Javascript.
  • 2+ years of Experience developing hybrid mobile applications using Javascript MVC frameworks eg. Angular.js or Backbone.js
  • Strong understanding and experience working with HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Experience in developing rich interactive front end widgets.
  • Experience with front end animations and tweening.
  • Knowledge of AJAX concepts, communication protocols & data services to drive engaging front end experiences.
  • Experience with Grunt, Bower & other Node.js modules.
  • Strong understanding of SVN / GIT for version control.


  • Familiar with vector graphics scripting libraries (Raphael.js, Paper.js).
  • Familiar with OSX and iOS operating systems.
  • Familiar with server side javascript using Node and Express
  • Experience/Background with other languages eg. C++/Java etc.
  • Basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.


  • Graduate or Post Graduate degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Must have good communication skills

Senior Cloud Network
& Systems Engineer

New Delhi



IOMEDIA India Private Limited (www.io-media.com) an award winning New York City based full-service marketing agency is looking for an enthusiastic Senior Cloud Network & Systems engineer with a strong focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their studio in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The Senior Network Engineer is responsible for technical architecture design, development and management of our cloud hosting infrastructure which is built upon Amazon Web Services. The ideal candidate must have a strong understanding of all AWS technologies, the SDK's available and be able to work effectively with our multiple development teams (New York & Gurgaon) in building innovative, high performance, scalable computing clusters. The candidate must have strong verbal & written communication skills (English) and be able to effectively explain the technical solutions being offered.

Knowledge of DevOps technologies such as Docker, Ansible, Chef/Puppet are good to have for the ideal candidate.


  • Professional and certified experience in designing & maintaining a cloud hosted network infrastructure
  • Strong understanding of Drupal architecture, concepts & core modules
  • 3+ years work experience with Amazon Web Service (Atleast 5+ years in Network Engineering & Infrastructure)
  • A strong understanding of AWS security architecture; VPC, IAM (Identity Access Management) & setting up appropriate security policies.
  • Working knowledge of AWS SDK’s – for assisting in automated scripts and infrastructure managemen.
  • Ability to setup various web hosting environments: Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS.
  • Knowledge of Database Administration and Setup: MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL


  • 7+ years experience in the IT Industry maintaining Network / Web Hosting Infrastructure
  • Graduate or Post Graduate degree in Computer Science / Network Engineering or equivalent
  • Ability to work in a fast paced collaborative environment with off hours support and engagement.
  • Excellent communication skills in English – verbal & written

Product Manager
- Technology

New York



IOMEDIA, located in New York City, is focused on designing and developing digital applications that visualize a full range of ticketing and promotional services for the sports and entertainment industries. We are currently seeking a full-time Product Manager to be a cross-functional leader who drives product innovation, organizes and prioritizes development activities, adopts feedback in a critical manner, and helps project teams define and deliver the right products for our shared vision.

The Product Manager will work collaboratively with design, UX, technology, and internal sales support teams throughout the entire product development lifecycle and drive products from inception to launch and beyond. Successful Product Managers at IOMEDIA establish a shared vision by building consensus on priorities leading to product execution. To learn more about IOMEDIA's recent successes click here.


  • Hold technical kick off meetings, stand ups, etc. with global development team and project managers to go through schedules, itemize details, and any unique features / exceptions of each round of technology enhancements
  • Play the role of Technical Lead for digital communications between global offices
  • Help to manage launch dates, workload, and client expectations with respect to all digital launch iterations
  • Communicate with cross functional teams such as Design, UX, Development, and Sales between global offices to help keep projects on schedule
  • Manage and build schedules / releases / technical roadmaps  and maintain bug / enhancement request list
  • Maintain client feedback list and analyze customization requests from the clients, create backlog for product vision team and release into development cycles as planned and resourced
  • Oversee product development and communicate progress to VP, Technology
  • Communicate with the clients and partners for the future development
  • Evaluate project management and development team against goals and help coach or implement process for improvement where necessary
  • Research the new technology to improve the user experience and the interface performance


  • Up-to-date understanding of market trends and keen interest in following emerging technologies
  • Has run and is familiar with agile development cycles (Kanban) and holding scrum meetings and stand ups with a multi-location development team
  • Must have emphasis on user-driven product design and data-driven product refinement
  • Strong understanding of user experience, technical & business issues
  • Knowledge of database, HTML5, PHP5, Javascript
  • 6+ years' experience in a digital agency, ideally within a sports / entertainment agency
  • Experience creating 1/2/5 year planning and execution

Please send your resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and any other relevant information (e.g. web link) to danielle.fried@io-media.com.

Product Design Lead

New York



IOMEDIA, located in New York City, is focused on designing and developing digital applications that visualize a full range of ticketing and promotional services for the sports and entertainment industries.  We are currently seeking a full-time Product Design Lead to be a cross-functional leader who is responsible for the visual design efforts of various digital products for our clients and their customers. The Product Design Lead will work collaboratively with UX, technology, and internal sales support teams throughout the entireproduct development lifecycle enabling the proper creative vision.
Successful Product Designers at IOMEDIA establish a shared vision by building consensus on design related priorities leading to proper creative execution of the team's vision. To learn more about IOMEDIA's recent successes  click here .


  • Apply user centric design practices and design thinking to create engaging product experiences
  • Partner with Product Management, Technology, and UX to define the problems / solutions, requirements and prioritization
  • Work collaboratively with Development and Product Management Teams through project implementation
  • Thoughtfully rationalize your design decisions taking into account technical limitations and business priorities
  • Ability to manipulate existing frameworks with technical updates to reflect product needs
  • Participate in conceptual design, brainstorming, competitive research, and user experience sessions
  • Responsible for the conceptualization of web and mobile application design within the given framework of the projects
  • Ability to pitch creative ideas and thinking to balance of team
  • Serve as a product evangelist with Business Development,Product Management, and Development Teams to explain the vision, roadmap and best practices


  • 5-10 years experience designing for a variety of digital applications
  • Expert in UX Design, Information Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction and Conceptual Design
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite and other prototyping tools
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and some JavaScript is preferred
  • Experience with Mobile UX trends and responsive design
  • Ability to lead the design vision throughout the duration of the project
  • Ability to scope and manage projects through all phases, from kick-off through launch
  • Experience in a managerial role
  • Bachelor's degree (Design, Computer Science, Industrial Design or similar degrees preferred)
  • Passion for the sports / entertainment industry a must

Please send your resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and any other relevant information (e.g. web link) to danielle.fried@io-media.com.

Sales Support Associate

New York



IOMEDIA, located in New York City, is focused on designing and developing digital applications that visualize a full range of ticketing and promotional services for the sports and entertainment industries. We are seeking a full-time Sales Support Associate with responsibilities for supporting and working closely with Business Development Associates and Sales Engineers to kick-off and guide project teams and customers to proper project timelines, budgets and scopes of work.

Successful Sales Support Associates at IOMEDIA will be able to collaborate and learn from best practices for managing multiple efforts and standardizing methods for effective and efficient workflow between offices and customers. The Sales Support team must be comfortable working 100% digitally and with global partners in multiple offices through a variety of online project management tools, check on progress during and after business hours, report on timelines to product management, offer suggestions on workflow improvements and product enhancements. To learn more about IOMEDIA's recent successes click here.


  • Must thrive and excel working within a fast pace, active sales environment and can handle the needs of many existing and potential clients
  • Collect, analyze, evaluate, and report data in order to increase sales productivity to evaluate performance against sales quotas
  • Promote the company, its objectives, digital programs and achievements to our clients 
  • Assist with the kick-off of digital projects (i.e. budgets, contracts and framework for projects)
  • Assist Director of Sales, Sales Engineers and Business Development Team with coordination and management of various sales activities


  • Bachelor's Degree required
  • 1+ years of experience in B2B sales, marketing / business development
  • Ability to prioritize and successfully manage multiple projects at the same time
  • Ability to think creatively and work with management to identify new opportunities to improve business processes or functions
  • Must be willing to travel with the Business Development Team as needed (Travel 15%)

Please send your resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and any other relevant information (e.g. web link) to danielle.fried@io-media.com.

Business Development

New York



IOMEDIA, located in New York City, is focused on designing and developing digital applications that visualize a full range of ticketing and promotional services for the sports and entertainment industries.  We are currently seeking a full-time Business Development Associate who will be responsible for the development of new and ongoing business relationships in Professional/Collegiate Sports markets and Entertainment markets from the prospect stage through existing account management.  We are seeking a candidate to embody the IOMEDIA culture, someone who has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is prepared to sell a series of proven web applications and products as well as creative digital marketing solutions. 

The Business Development role leads and manages a considerable number of business and client engagements, and collaborates with sales associates and sales engineers to close business, kick-off initiatives, and maintain contact with clients for ongoing needs. The position is responsible for weekly prospecting and awareness campaigns, introducing IOMEDIA to target prospects, weekly online web meetings, and in-person follow-up presentations. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years of direct sales experience in a B2B environment. A strong teamwork mentality and proven ability to work and excel under deadlines is necessary.  To learn more about IOMEDIA's recent successes  click here.


  • Lead new business efforts and actively pursue new revenue sources as well as participate in strategic development of existing business
  • RFP response and proposal writing
  • Full participation in extensive inbound/outbound prospecting and cold calling
  • Work closely with sales associates for appropriate follow ups, proposal writing, and marketing initiatives
  • Work with CRM system to document sales activity, follow-ups and generate reports
  • Responsible for managing and servicing assigned accounts with the intention to up sell and renew accounts on an annual basis
  • Work with Sales Engineers to bring new technology and integrated tools to customers
  • Meet all pre-determined activity and sales goals by providing weekly sales reports to management
  • Schedule meetings with target market to present products and deliver presentations to decision makers
  • Attend sports and entertainment industry trade shows to promote and sell IOMEDIA products
  • Development of custom sales decks and materials to support on-going sales goals


  • 3-5 years' of experience in a B2B technology, software or agency sales environment
  • Prior experience developing interactive projects and working with /  managing creative team and clients
  • Demonstrated experience running engagements with Fortune 5000 clients or equivalent
  • Experience with various projects types including web, mobile, video, brand, and strategic consulting
  • Proven negotiation experience, especially contract negotiations, with both clients and partners
  • Excellent public speaking skills and experience
  • Experience with communications and marketing via the Internet
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles of digital advertising, marketing and media through knowledge of the dynamics of digital and interactive marketing; How each digital and interactive element performs alone, how they perform together and how they are constantly changing
  • Ability to use alternative analytical approaches to solve digital/interactive/marketing problems
  • Demonstrated experience selling to C-Level executives

Please send your resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and any other relevant information (e.g. web link) to danielle.fried@io-media.com.

Sales Engineer

New York



IOMEDIA, located in New York City, is focused on designing and developing digital applications that visualize a full range of ticketing and promotional services for the sports and entertainment industries.  We are currently seeking a full-time Sales Engineer to be a cross-functional leader who is the responsible liaison between in-house sales and engineering teams, assisting in pre-sales client education and integration between systems, databases, and web services for our various digital products. The Sales Engineer will work collaboratively with UX, technology, and internal sales support teams throughout the entire product development lifecycle to clearly define technology boundaries, provide solutions to technology questions for customers, and further suggestions on innovative features and frameworks for various product lines based on feedback and data analysis.

Successful Sales Engineers at IOMEDIA establish a shared vision with our potential and existing clients while educating them on the technical aspects of our product offerings. To learn more about IOMEDIA's recent successes click here.


  • Responsible for pre-sale support of assigned digital products and services
  • Provide technical support in sales presentations, customer meetings, trade shows, and other forums
  • Provide technical answers to customer inquiries concerning all IOMEDIA products and services
  • Assist in RFI/P/Q preparation as requested by Business Development Associates
  • Work closely with sales teams to obtain new business and maintain existing customer relationships
  • Remain up to date on innovative digital products to enhance IOMEDIA's digital offerings


  • Requires a BS degree or equivalent experience in computer-related field
  • Ability to understand and explain related technical issues, thorough knowledge of company products, all potential applications and associated technologies
  • Must possess a strong teamwork mentality and proven ability to work and excel under a deadline in a results driven environment
  • Channel related technical sales support and experience 
  • Must have 4-10 years' experience with software sales in a B2B environment
  • Experience working on problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of identifiable factors
  • Ideal candidate would come from a SAAS environment 
  • Must possess technical knowledge of web / mobile applications
  • Ability to exercise judgment within generally defined practices and policies in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with C-level executives
  • Must travel 25% (tradeshows, client meetings, conferences, etc.) 

Please send your resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and any other relevant information (e.g. web link) to danielle.fried@io-media.com.

Associate Creative Director

New York



IOMEDIA is seeking an Associate Creative Director to take on a leadership role in the development of digital creative concepts and integrated marketing campaigns as well as assume day-to-day hands-on responsibilities. The candidate must have substantial experience within healthcare or pharmaceutical advertising, coupled with agency experience. As a member of the graphic design team, the Associate Creative Director supervises Senior Art Directors, participates in the strategic shaping of interactive projects, and creates and executes content and interface assets under the limited direction of the VP, Creative Director. This position requires a proven track record of exceptional conceptual and strategic thinking for the Web; the ability to assume significant responsibility with little supervision on sophisticated projects; the ability to articulate the rationale behind their work to creative directors and product marketing teams; the desire and aptitude to supervise Senior Designers; the ability to provide conceptual, strategic, and professional leadership for the team as a whole; and an exceptional understanding of usability issues with regard to information design.


  • Initiates strategic thinking and develops multiple concepts/campaigns for assigned products/projects in partnership with internal creative and account teams
  • Active participant in all projects: attending status meetings, assigning appropriate resources to individual projects
  • Strong ability to present and articulate design concepts to client in both project and pitch meetings
  • Collaborate with appropriate management personnel in other departments to ensure smooth execution of key projects
  • Strong conceptual thinking – both visual and interactive
  • Strong leadership skills, with ability to lead and mentor a design team
  • Be a team leader, but also be capable of taking hands-on ownership of designs and associated files


  • 6+ years of experience in a creative studio within an advertising, communication, or digital agency
  • Client friendly and savvy with design on digital platforms
  • Be able to work and navigate well in a team-oriented environment
  • Hands-on, leadership, client, and supervisory experience
  • Proficiencies in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Please send your resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and any other relevant information (e.g. web link) to danielle.fried@io-media.com.


New Delhi, India


  • Drupal Technical Lead
  • Senior Javascript Developer
  • Senior Cloud Network & Systems Engineer
New York, USA


  • Product Manager - Technology
  • Product Design Lead


  • Sales Support Associate
  • Business Development Associate
  • Sales Engineer


  • Associate Creative Director


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