The Client

Baxter’s BioPharma Solutions and IOMEDIA have partnered for years in the effort to engage their customers through a variety of digital channels. It was time to create a fully immersive experience for them on the iPad so we could emulate the feeling of being in one of their facilities. For them—and their brand—much rested on the ability to convey manufacturing expertise at every touchpoint in their process.

Seeing Is Believing

At IOMEDIA, we are always getting our hands dirty in the process of creation; this time, however, it was the exact opposite. We donned bunny suits and headed to their different facilities to capture every detail of the manufacturing process.


Visualizing the Process

IOMEDIA implemented their expertise and used accurate and realistic environments to create the virtual manufacturing plant. The attention to detail on the products and the facilities gave the viewer the sense that they could literally touch the objects and machines. The design and imagery provided a window into the process and instilled a sense of confidence in the manufacturing process.


User-Centered Design

When designing this app, we needed to take into consideration the flexibility required by the sales Rep tasked with using the tool with customers. The Rep required the agility to navigate easily through the portfolio of products as well as the production environments.

The Results

The BPS app was the first of its kind in this crowded competitive landscape. By leveraging the digital platforms capabilities and our in-depth knowledge of our client’s products and processes, IOMEDIA delivered an immersive user experience that thrilled both Rep and customer.