ISC sells for 100 motorsports events during the racing season, and a large percent of those sales occur on ISC websites. The buying process was complicated, dated in its user interface, and did not offer the “ease of use” that customers expect or that ISC desired.

"We are excited about enhancing the fan experience for our online customers,” stated Tina Martin ISC's CIO. “Making it easier to visualize where you will be sitting when purchasing tickets and allowing more flexibility will lead to an improved conversion percentage across our track websites."

The IOMEDIA team attended the world renowned race to get a first hand understanding of the target consumer for ISC.


Nineteen websites ranging from Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Zappos to were analyzed to decipher patterns in branding and color schemes. IOMEDIA focused on call to action buttons and general presentation of content on each site to determine the best recommendation for ISC’s new buy flow so that abandonment rates would be significantly reduced. The overall flow should live on a clean white space to enhance the visual impact of the buttons. The white space will focus the eye on the checkout button.

A basic heuristic assessment offered key insights to the ticket purchasing experience giving us the opportunity to provide a more branded and streamlined experience. The user is given more control over options and presented with dynamically updated availability details. Elevating tiered packages, building features around
all-inclusive services and organizing options in a more intuitive way reduces layers in the fulfillment process optimizing the e-commerce funnel.


This balance of form and functionality solidifies a more contemporary brand experience while fostering loyalty and trust.

Price Range Control The slider includes a dynamic text readout for both minimum and maximum range selections.
Value-Added Services The invitation to add activties to enhance the track event is active throughout purchasing experience.
Package Overview Each result provides the user with package name, package contents, price and option to get more details or"Select This Package" .
2014 DAYTONA 500
IOMEDIA is the market leader in 3D seat visualizations and interactive seating maps. Our proprietary product, the Virtual Venue, has changed the expectations of consumers throughout the sports landscape that want to have more say in where they sit at a game or an event. IOMEDIA leaned on this expertise to develop a new, 2D interactive map concept for ISC. By creating an original script, IOMEDIA was able to quickly generate section seating layouts for all 13 venues ranging in size from 30,000 seats to over 100,000 seats. As a result, selecting the right ticket for a race became an intuitive and interactive process using the 2D map interface.
2D Map Interface
Original Script
Unique to this project was the requirement that ISC host the final solution. IOMEDIA built out the entire solution – website, 2D maps and interactivity – and then transferred all files to the ISC servers. IOMEDIA developed simultaneously with the HTML, a complete A to Z hand off guide for the implementation of the final solution to the live environment. IOMEDIA worked side by side with ISC to rectify bugs and ensure that ISC was fully prepared to manage all the technology associated with the solution once it went live.